MWI Insights: Research & Analysis

MWI Insights employs smart data, sophisticated research tools and analytics to plan, monitor, manage and measure clients’ campaigns, ensuring they reach the right audience.

Forgetting the lines

Never mind ‘above the line’ or ‘below the line’. With the ever growing number of advertising platforms, the line is irrelevant. Don’t just think about opportunities to be seen and heard, think in terms of opportunities to engage. Rather than trying to interrupt behaviour, try and change it.

Return on investment

We see marketing as an investment rather than a cost. Getting a good return on that investment requires understanding your business, understanding consumer behaviour and optimising your media strategy. You also need to accurately measure your results so you can see what’s working and just as importantly, what isn’t. We do all the above by utilising industry leading research and an array of consumer and media planning tools to deliver strategies which we guarantee will improve your ROI.

Independence and experience

Because we are an independent agency, with no shareholders or media owner deal structures, we can give our clients the best value media buying without having to fulfil anyone else’s requirements.

We have the knowledge, experience, relationships and reputation to buy as well as any big agency – often better. Our independence means media owners give us deals they simply wouldn’t offer big multinationals and we challenge any agency to beat us on our rates.

Buying and planning

We believe media buying goes hand in hand with media planning. Understanding your business and knowing your audience are fundamental to delivering successful strategies, which is why we are so research orientated. We use every tool available; Touchpoints, Target Group Indexes, National Readership Survey, Audit Bureau of Circulations, Neilsen, RAJAR, POSTAR, BARB, ComScore, Google Analytics and more.

True value

The price of a media purchase is just one aspect in determining true value. Before buying a media campaign we establish the parameters for success and work tirelessly to achieve those objectives. We work solely from media owner commissions, so you’ll spend less thanks to our buying power and relationships, and it won’t cost you anything to use us either.

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