MWI Connection: Traditional Media

MWI Connection offers clients a unique competitive advantage; an independent, acclaimed marketing agency that leverages the power of its global insight and marketing presence. Our robust team of strategists and media planners work with teams in London, New York and our partner agency in Toronto to develop powerful media communications throughout the world.

Press advertising

Press offers a targeted way of spreading the word to large numbers of people and with thousands of different publications to choose from you can be sure of finding the right audience for your business. From national papers, regional dailies, free and paid for local papers to niche or general interest magazines, the choice goes on.

Despite the hype, people still continue to read newspapers and magazines meaning they are a great place to reach potential customers. Press adverts are good for attracting attention and conveying a lot of information; they are also affordable and trackable making them very appealing for those looking at assessing the quality of responses across campaigns.

Media planning is essential. We help clients to look beyond top line circulation figures so you can establish where you competitors are spending their marketing pounds and where your customers are. Our experience also means we can negotiate significant savings that you wouldn’t achieve booking direct and advise you on where best to position an advert within a given publication. Not only that, but we can take care of the headache of sizing and submitting your advert.


New ways to watch

According to audience research data, we’re watching more commercial television than ever. What’s changed, though, is how we watch it; on new platforms like online and through on-demand services. In this new TV environment, factors like programme selection, context and an ad’s position in a break become more important than ever.

Surprisingly affordable

The advent of digital and the increase in commercial channels has driven down the cost of TV advertising to its lowest level in ten years. You can now choose from over 250 channels and analyse the viewing habits of 30 audiences across 16 regions. TV is traded against specific audiences and the broader the audience, the lower the cost. We have many case studies of successful campaigns that have spent as little as £30K in this impactful medium.

Measurable results

Buying airtime in this dynamic market is an art as much as a science. Our skilled negotiators make sure they are armed with comprehensive research data in order to optimise all our TV campaigns and ensure the best quality programming, most appropriate audience and highest-profile position for your ads. We always provide extensive post-campaign reports. Our transparency means you can see exactly what you’ve paid for and how effective it’s been.

Radio advertising

Why radio?

Radio is a medium that can reach people in many places, at many times, especially in a world of ‘ad-avoidance’. Listeners build close relationships with stations, making them a valuable context for brands. Because it’s an audio-only medium, it stimulates different parts of the brain and studies have confirmed its ‘multiplayer effect’, which can make a campaign punch above its weight when used in conjunction with other media.

Getting the most from the medium

We draw on our years of experience with radio advertising to target your demographic carefully. Our close relationships with radio stations will ensure great spots for your adverts and the best possible rates throughout your campaign, allowing you to get the most from this brilliant medium.

Achieving the best value

Costs vary from station to station according to their audience reach. A four week campaign on a local radio station might cost as little as £400, whereas the same campaign on a larger regional station might cost upwards of £10K. Irrespective of your budget, we use a wealth of research data and routes to market to deliver outstanding value with our radio partners.

Outdoor and ambient advertising

Advertising that surrounds

On the London underground, bus backs, bus stops and billboards. Ads in shopping centres, on the railways, at airports and all forms of ambient media; outdoor advertising is a great way to brand your company and get your message out there. Different outdoor mediums suit different campaigns and we can help you exploit the right ones for you. Bus backs and tube car panels, for example, have a high retention time, keeping your message in the front of the mind for longer.

New formats

The advent of new formats, new types of printing materials, print effects and innovative technologies like digital posters have all increased the opportunities in outdoor advertising. These advances have also improved the ability of posters to deliver highly targeted, impactful and creative campaigns.

Great results

We have many years experience in buying poster advertising. We will identify the best format to achieve your objectives, using posters as both the sole medium and as a support for other media in a campaign. Whether you want to target your advertising in a single geographic area or carry out a mass market branding campaign nationwide, MWI can make sure you get the most from the great outdoors.

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