MWI Studio: Creative Edge

We are the idea makers, the developers, the collaborators and the facilitators. We are nimble and enlightened. Every day presents new tests and new boundaries to push — and we relish every challenge with vigour.

No preconceptions

We start with a clean sheet of paper. Although we follow the same principles and draw on our wealth of experience, we bring no baggage or preconceptions. We strive for innovation but only in the pursuit of results.

A creative environment

We aim to foster an environment where creativity flows and is nurtured, where everyone is encouraged to think imaginatively to discover the best solutions. We strive to blur the lines between creative and commercial.

Ideas that sell

Whether it’s building your brand credentials through a mass media campaign or driving response through a small classified ad, we approach the creative with the same passion, focus and attention to detail. For us it’s about coming up with ideas that engage, excite and, crucially, sell. Our work does more than get noticed; it leads to thriving partnerships and the growth of powerful brands.

Website design

Great user experience is at the heart of our design principles. This is achieved by a full appreciation of consumer psychology and interface design. We build sites that last, with robust, scalable technologies that will deliver great customer experience for years.

Our design process consists of 3 distinct phases:

1. Concept

This collaborative phase between client and agency explores the project’s scope and produces a conceptual visualisation of what you wish to achieve. It results in a clear set of objectives, strategy and routes to implementation.

2. Blueprint

From concepts to working prototypes, this phase is designed to produce detailed wireframes so you understand how a site works, not just how it looks.

3. Build

This is where we determine the technical architecture and implement the blueprint. We make sure all elements are robust and deployable, constantly testing everything as we go, so there are no failures or nasty surprises at the end.

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